Sharing images with Google+ Events

This week  my colleagues and I went out on a Photo Safari around Monroe Park, it was quite interesting because for once I was actually taking my time to notice things that I usually pass by without thinking twice. The Photo Safari also reminded me of a neat little feature in Google+ which easily gets overlooked but is an easy way of sharing images. In some ways its similar to Apple’s photo sharing through iCloud but has the advantage of being cross platform.  So here is my little how to on using Google+ to share images

The first thing to do is go to your Google+ page,  create an event and invite guests (or you can choose to make it public) and turn on the option that enables guests to add photos to the event.


Next anyone participating in the “event” needs to download the Google+ app  for Android or iOS


photo (2)







When you’re logged into the app go to “events” and you can check in and then add photos to the event. Now all you have to do is to click on add photos and select the camera icon. Any images you take are automatically added to the Google Event page resulting in a live stream of event photos.

The Event Photos page (below) shows the images in chronological order.

skitch (6)


The highlights page shows the most commented upon images


skitch (9)


So there you have it an easy way to share images with Google+ events..

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