Recording/Projecting iOS screens with Quicktime Player

Quicktime on the Mac is one of those tools that many Mac users don’t fully utilize. I have met lots of instructors who are Mac users who are unaware that they can use Quicktime to create quick screencasts.

Recently I discovered another neat thing you can do with Quicktime is to use it to project/record the screen of your connected iOS device.

First you need to connect your device with the usb cable to your computer, then open up quicktime and select new movie recording


Quicktime will default to your facetime camera so you need to change it to your iOS device







Once you have selected your device you should see it appear on the screen











Once your device’s screen is being shown you can start recording your screen.

It’s a great way to either project your screen to demonstrate an app or a process on your device and it’s a convenient way to create a screencast of a process on your iOS device (see video above showing some aspects of the Figure 1 app).


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