learning JS

Over the past two weeks I have been working on a project that has required a bit of Javascript. I still have lots to learn but I’ve found that it’s relatively easy to take someone else’s shared code on Github or Requirebin and then modify it.

So far I have learned how to build simple charts with Chart.js and DimpleJs both of which are javascript libraries that allow for the creation of simple charts. Dimplejs is a charting library based on d3 which aims to make the coding process simpler than d3.
D3 developed by Mike Bostock stands for Data Driven Documents is a javascript library which allows for the creation of really interesting visualizations. A glance through the examples on their site shows

Speaking of d3 Victor Powell and Lewis Lehe’s setosa.io website has an interesting mix of data visualizations created with d3.js. Many of the projects shared on this site embody the same ideas Bret Victor develops through his concept of explorable explanations. The idea of using visualizations to make complex topics come to life has real potential. Being able to play with/manipulate different pieces of data reinforces understanding in a way that static content does not.



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