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I will be teaching a course this fall: ADLT 641 Exploration of Digital Media for Adult Learning.
ADLT 641 is the second in a series of 3 courses for students in the Masters of Adult Education:
Technology Track program. This course is intended to be a hands on exploration of a variety of
digital tools as well as considering ways in which these tools can be leveraged for teaching and learning
purposes. Having met a few of the students a couple of weeks ago when they were completing their elearning
theory class,  they are eager to explore ways in which they can start getting more hands on practice with tools
as a way to put theory into practice if you will. I’ll also be tapping into the













One major project in this course is students blogs (learning journals). These blogs will be aggregated to a mother blog. Given my experience with student blogs in another course I co-taught UNIV 391 I also plan to blog along with the students in the class to document my thoughts as the course progresses. I’m hoping that being involved in blogging myself will encourage students to share their thoughts and experiences in the open.

After a discussion with Tom one of the questions that came up was:

How can the students work/assignments have value beyond the life of the course?

I’m still thinking of ways to accomplish this but I think its a great question to have at the back of my mind as I think of different course assignments.

So I’m looking forward to this experience and tweaking the course as  the semester progresses to make the experience as meaningful to the students as possible.

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