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Green Screen Babes







So anyone who’s seen The Fugitive will agree that the most iconic scene in the movie is the part where Harrison Ford’s character jumps off the bus wreckage just as a train is about to smash into the bus. Well other people might argue that Dr. Kimble jumping off the Dam is the most iconic. In any case both of those scenes were created using the Green Screen effect. Countless movies have employed this effect, Avatar and any other sci-fi movie you can think of. After the movie Avatar was released there were numerous blog posts from people who felt depressed because they could not actually visit the planet Pandora. Granted those people might have certain undisclosed issues. For me however that speaks volumes to how authentic a setting the film makers were able to create using advanced special effects and green screen technology. Similar effects can be created by anyone with a simple camera or phone, a green or blue sheet and readily available video editing software. In education we use screencasts to engage students and  students can create their own screencasts to demonstrate understanding. Can we then create authentic background environments that will enhance our screen casts to better engage students? While not much research has been done on the educational efficacy of Green Screening; the value I see for Green screening is to add richness to the element of “presence” I can think of enriching digital storytelling with rich dynamic backgrounds, screencasts where a live avatar interacts with content and student presentations based in authentic settings. The possibilities are numerous and I look forward to further exploring them





Photo credit: Claire L. Evans / / CC BY-ND


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