TPTECH ’14 Takeaways

Last week I was in Denver Colorado for the Teaching Professor Technology Conference. It was my first time attending and presenting at this particular conference. With the number of attendees at around 600 it was a small conference and after attending one or two sessions it was easy to start recognizing people. Although I didn’t know anyone there after running … Read More

My moment of serendipity in an open course

In a few of our friday meetings the topic of blogging has come up and I have admitted to not being the most prolific blogger probably because I tend to obsess over little details and continue wonder if the blog post is “finished” Anyway as a result of this I have a bunch of blog posts in “draft status” that I … Read More

Tool of the Week: StoryMap JS

I tend to search for and explore tools either for my own use or for faculty that I’m working with. I haven’t been doing a good job of keeping track of all these tools that I find so I have decided to create a series of posts that focus on ed tech tools that I come across. I will attempt to … Read More

Digital Media Course

I will be teaching a course this fall: ADLT 641 Exploration of Digital Media for Adult Learning. ADLT 641 is the second in a series of 3 courses for students in the Masters of Adult Education: Technology Track program. This course is intended to be a hands on exploration of a variety of digital tools as well as considering ways in which … Read More

Sharing images with Google+ Events

This week  my colleagues and I went out on a Photo Safari around Monroe Park, it was quite interesting because for once I was actually taking my time to notice things that I usually pass by without thinking twice. The Photo Safari also reminded me of a neat little feature in Google+ which easily gets overlooked but is an easy way of sharing … Read More

As We May Think…

A memex is a device in which an individual  stores all his books, records and communications and which is mechanized so that it may be consulted with exceeding speed and flexibility. It is an enlarged supplement to his memory. In this first nugget I am going to focus on the first ideas/phrases that came to mind when I was reading … Read More

Connecting with #thoughtvectors

 Exciting times here at VCU… the new cMOOC: UNIV 200: Inquiry and the Craft of Argument launched a couple of hours ago. I am looking forward to participating and learning along with the rest of the group as we explore the ideas of Doug Engelbart, Vannevar Bush, Ted Nelson and Alan Kay  among others…  

Navigating the Visitors—-Residents Continuum

I recently came across a set of videos and articles from @daveowhite that counter Mark Prensky’s conceptions of the digital native/immigrant divide. White argues against Prensky’s conception of age as a framework for understanding how people engage with the web. White suggests that the use of digital technologies is about what tools you are most comfortable with and how often you decide to … Read More

Tablets can be more than entertainment devices

“Tablets are for entertainment purposes, not for writing papers and doing class projects—key components of higher education ” (Michael Hanley, Ball State’s Institute for Mobile Media Research) The quote above is from an article  shared by my colleague Britt, the main crux of this piece is that students view tablets as entertainment devices and not tools for learning. This research … Read More