OLE intro video

  I am part of the ALT lab team helping to facilitate the ongoing Online Learning Experience (OLE). As part of the OLE we are creating intro videos to demonstrate how you might create a sense of social presence for your students. I made a couple of decisions in thinking through this process. First I decided to create it using … Read More

How I use Twitter

At LifeHacker they have a series of posts called “How I work” where they ask various people to share their work, productivity habits, favorite tools etc. In our OLE planning meetings we’ve been discussing how we would incorporate twitter use into the various course elements. As part of that thought process we decided to reflect on how we all use … Read More

Initial steps: mapping with D3.JS

I have been fascinated by some of the interactive maps on the web created with the d3.js javascript library. The New York Times especially has a bunch of stories augmented with the addition of interactive maps. Some of these maps can be found on chartsnthings. While the data determines what type of visualization can be created I think that when … Read More

learning JS

Over the past two weeks I have been working on a project that has required a bit of Javascript. I still have lots to learn but I’ve found that it’s relatively easy to take someone else’s shared code on Github or Requirebin and then modify it. So far I have learned how to build simple charts with Chart.js and DimpleJs both of … Read More

Weekly Highlights (weekly)

App Gives Students an Incentive to Keep Their Phones Locked in Class – Wired Campus – Blogs – The Chronicle of Higher Education tags:3rdspace Resisting the urge to pull out your phone in class is quite difficult for many students, apparently. There are texts to answer, emails to read, snapchats to send, and rude comments to post on Yik Yak. … Read More

Weekly Highlights (weekly)

Welcome // | DiRT Directory Neat collection of tools for various uses tags:3rdspace The Techies Who Are Hacking Education by Homeschooling Their Kids | WIRED tags:3rdspace To Make Tech Design Human Again, Look to the Past | WIRED tags:3rdspace Consumers have grown weary of novelty. People crave meaning in their products and humanness in their interactions. From unnecessarily curved screens, … Read More

Weekly Highlights (weekly)

Imgur’s new tool makes the most beautiful GIFs on the web | The Verge tags:3rdspace Live-Tweeting Assignments: To Use or Not to Use? – ProfHacker – Blogs – The Chronicle of Higher Education “This post explores some of the benefits and drawbacks to one of my most successful teaching exercises using Twitter—getting students to “live tweet” films. “Live tweeting” basically … Read More

Video Games and Learning

“Humans learn from experience, but this does not mean they learn just by having experiences. The human mind learns through well-designed experiences” James Paul Gee describes video games as a set of problems that must be solved in order to win. The difference here is that these problems are presented in many instances in an environment designed to motivate and immerse/engage … Read More

New Year, New Things to learn

This year one of the things I have decided to do is to learn more HTML and CSS. I have been exploring resources and websites that actually let you build something as you’re learning. Codeacademy is a great resource that actually allows users to learn through building of projects of varying difficulty. One other similar resource I have started to use … Read More

Social Presence affordances of video tools

In our class we have recently explored and discussed screencasting tools, video creation  as well as web conferencing tools. One observation students made is “many of the video/screencasting/web conferencing tools we discuss have similar features so how do we decide which to use”   To answer this question as to which tool to use we have attempted to use the concept of social … Read More