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Last week I spoke with a faculty member involved in the VCU Bike Race Book project who wanted a way to map her students tweets during the course. After a couple of web searches it seems that a lot of the web services that offer tweet mapping either map just one users tweets or charge a fee for their services. Preferably we’d like to map posts with a particular hashtag/keyword and not just restrict it to one users tweets.   I know Tom Woodward is also exploring as another option.
In any case the students in this class will also be using Instagram to share so I started to look for a way to map geotagged instagram posts. I came across the Karten plugin which finds geotagged posts and images relating to specific hashtags and maps them on a google map. Karten can be used in any post or page with a shortcode and its quite simple to setup. The plugin can be downloaded from Github (zip). once installed you  need to provide the following in Karten’s settings:

Google Maps API key
Instagram API Client ID
Instagram API Client Secret
instagram API Access Token

When all of this is set up you can create a new map, select the keyword/hashtag and then embed it using the shortcode. The resulting map might look like the one above.



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