Coalescing Learning Spaces

I wrote a blog post awhile back about David White’s Visitors and Residents framework. I had always assumed that within this framework the word “spaces” referred to just the digital/online environment, however in another post he describes space as any location where people are or where we go to be co-present with others and this includes both the online world and the physical lecture theatre/classroom we may find ourselves in.

This got me thinking about technology use in the classroom, in a lot of cases faculty either ban the use of smartphones, laptops etc. due to concerns they have about its distractive tendencies or generally they don’t find ways to utilize them for their lessons.

This is where I think David White’s coalescent framework has a lot of value because it forces us  to envision ways in which technology can be a resource as opposed to being a distraction. As David White suggests we need to design pedagogy which coalesces physical and digital spaces. If we can be explicit about the value of integrating both physical and digital spaces when we work with faculty, and show them successful examples of coalescent designs they may be more receptive to the idea of students using devices in class. 



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