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‘Virtual Harlem’ is a Time Machine to the 1920s – The Atlantic “”I wanted my students to experience the literature that I was teaching in a very different way,” Carter told me, “one that was very interesting and engaging, as well as visual.”” tags:3rdspace vr augmented+reality AltSchool – Upstarts: The Idealists – CNNMoney “Instead of confining kids to K-8 grade … Read More

WP video tutorials

Over the past week I have spoken to some faculty folks concerned about their students not being able to cope with the technical demands of setting up their first blog. I tend to point out that they might have students who have already used a rampages blog for other classes and even if they do not,  rampages(wordpress) has a couple of useful … Read More

Weekly Bookmark Highlights (weekly)

Yes, androids do dream of electric sheep | Technology | The Guardian “What do machines dream of? New images released by Google give us one potential answer: hypnotic landscapes of buildings, fountains and bridges merging into one. ” tags:3rdspace technology the guardian Inspired By Serial, Teens Create Podcasts As A Final Exam | MindShift | KQED News “After spending months … Read More

OLE intro video

  I am part of the ALT lab team helping to facilitate the ongoing Online Learning Experience (OLE). As part of the OLE we are creating intro videos to demonstrate how you might create a sense of social presence for your students. I made a couple of decisions in thinking through this process. First I decided to create it using … Read More

How I use Twitter

At LifeHacker they have a series of posts called “How I work” where they ask various people to share their work, productivity habits, favorite tools etc. In our OLE planning meetings we’ve been discussing how we would incorporate twitter use into the various course elements. As part of that thought process we decided to reflect on how we all use … Read More


  Batch Geo is an online tool for batch geocoding addresses. It is also great tool for an icebreaker activity in an online class. It can be used to display location as well as other pertinent information on a map. The process is really simple, students information can be entered in a simple Google form or spreadsheet. After collecting the … Read More


Padlet is a tool that can be used for group brainstorming. In this example, we invited students to draw from their own perceptions and share what their greatest hopes and fears about online teaching are. Created with Padlet  

Initial steps: mapping with D3.JS

I have been fascinated by some of the interactive maps on the web created with the d3.js javascript library. The New York Times especially has a bunch of stories augmented with the addition of interactive maps. Some of these maps can be found on chartsnthings. While the data determines what type of visualization can be created I think that when … Read More